Learn More About Cause And Treatment Available For Teeth Whitening

Universally valued by men and women alike, the number of people opting for teeth whitening treatment have considerably increased over the past few years. Learn more about what the causes for discoloration and also the various options available to maintain dental glow are.
www.dentalhealth.org/ often come out with best practices to be followed to ensure oral hygiene and sound dental health. But regular brushing and flaking can not necessarily ensure whitening of teeth. There are primarily two types of stains causing discoloration:

Majorly caused by extensively eating tobacco, smoking, addictive use of strong beverages. Citric food. Grinding or an injury also causes a part of the affected tooth to turn dark in color. Avoiding smoking and drinking helps a long way in maintaining your teeth as per experts.

With age, wear and tear of teeth happen, and certain stubborn stains accumulate which are very tough to remove. All humans are equipped with a tooth color tone since birth. Hence the natural shade cannot be forcefully changed, as that can cause a problem to the original structure. Sometimes genetically the surface and structure of teeth develop over the age. Thinner and transparent teeth are very difficult to be whitened.

Options Available

Whitening toothpaste and bleaching kits: This over the counter available option does not use bleach, but is chemically stronger than a regular tooth paste
In -Office Cleaning: Relatively highly concentrated bleach is applied by a specialist dentist along with a protective coating onto the gums. This tends to give the most positive result.
Bleaching at home: The take-home bleaching kits have less concentrated bleaching portions which are in the form of a gel. Whitening strips are also an option available in this regard.

Results of all the above procedures are subjective and are usually judged using shade cards. Standard share card has 116 shades systematically arranged from light to dark used universally and defines dental terminology.

Along with the beautiful result of these whitening options, there is also certain risk involved in the procedure which should be reviewed before opting for the procedure.

Sensitivity: Bleaching causes an increase in sensitivity to temperature, pressure and touch. Especially people with the existing problem of a crack in the surface of the teeth, hence the dental guidance by a professional should be taken since he/she accordingly opt for a suitable procedure to be followed.
Gum Irritation: During bleaching when gums are not properly secured during the procedure. This may stay for some time making it all very irritable.

It is better to avoid teeth whitening for pregnant woman, because it affects the child also.
Restored teeth like dental crowns, veneers are kept out of the whitening procedure, since highly concentrated bleach affect the texture and surface of cosmetic teeth. As a result, there is variation in the color pattern.
Hence, before opting for the options available, we need the review all the above risk involved. The procedure should be performed preferably under guidance and expertise of professional dentist to experience a delightful transformation of our smile.