Tobacco pipes are in use for centuries. Nowadays, different varieties of pipes are available, and the number of people who uses it has also increased. Earlier, the pipes were made of clay. But nowadays things have changed and you can now get pipes made of clay, wood, metal, etc. The smoking quality of a pipe gets determined by the tobacco chamber, the smoke channel and the draft hole. The best smoking pipes come in different shapes and different patterns. A tobacco pipe and a cigarette are quite different. The link explains in detail about the filter used in cigarettes and how it works. For a pipe to work well or smoke well, the correct amount of the airflow is required.

Wide Varieties Of Pipes
One can find different varieties of pipe every day. There are a lot of common and classic designs of pipe which has been created by talented artisans. There are two shapes of pipe which are the straight ones and the curved pipes. As per the user’s, the straight pipe can give you a better feeling rather than smoking in a curved one. This is because the straight pipes do not collect much moisture because of the hard-draft hole. Today, the most popularly used pipes are the classic English and Danish shapes or freehand shapes. You can find a majority of the French and English population using the Classic English pipe.

Pipe Smoking Vs. Cigarette Smoking
Pipe smoking is considered better than cigarette smoking because of the relaxation a pipe smoking can give. In pipe smoking, the pacing is quite important. One should learn to take the puff slowly so that all the flavors that have been put into the tobacco pipe can be enjoyed. To be a good pipe smoker, one should have enough patience and perseverance. When you do the pipe smoking for the first time, you may feel some irritation on your tongue. However, it will gradually go once you start pipe smoking regularly. There are experienced pipe smokers who can give you the advice about buying and using a tobacco pipe.

Categories Of Pipes
There are two different categories of pipes available these days. They are the new and the estate pipes. New pipes, as the name says are untouched and unsmoked. The estate pipes are those who had been owned before and used regularly and also you can get it for a half price. The pre-owned pipes can be bought again for a lower price provided; they have been cleaned properly and sterilized correctly. If you have any doubt in buying the pre-owned pipes, then you need to understand that the restaurants also use the same plates, spoons, and forks after sterilizing.

There are pipe cleaners available if you want to sanitize your pipe. First, separate the pipe components by sliding the stem from the bowl. Dab the pipe cleaner into the alcohol solution and clean the pipe by shaking it back and forth. Remove the solution and clean the pipe with a dry cloth or paper and let it dry. You can either make the alcohol solution or buy the solution from the pipe shops. There are a lot of pipe shops wherein you can get the different varieties of pipes and cigars. In 2009, due to the anti-smoking law, many shops had been closed down; however, there are still some good shops which can provide you with a good tobacco pipe.