Hair loss is a common issue among many people. People try a lot of remedies, and unfortunately, no one has reported the remedies working for them. There should be ingredients which are scientifically tested to be used in the production of hair loss remedies. Keranique hair treatments have all the products to enhance the hair growth. According to, there may be medical reasons to the loss of hair other than natural causes like pollution and changes in the water. Here are some of the reasons that result in hair fall or hair loss.

Stress can be the reason for a lot of issues such as a headache, changes in blood pressure etc. For hair loss as well, stress plays a key role. Experts say that the hair cycle can go into shock if you are under a lot of stress and it makes hair jumpstart the shedding phase. Emotional stress such as hard situations in life can increase the body’s stress level. At times, the stress will be uncontrollable and will affect your health as well as your hair. It is necessary for you to understand how to cope with the stress so that it does not affect your health.

If you have met with any accident or have gone through illness recently, you will notice hair fall within six months. There are certain reasons which cannot be avoided, such as chemotherapy done as part of cancer and tumour treatments, can cause hair fall. Another stress is pregnancy; you will see hair fall after your delivery. Sometimes the hair growth will go back to normal when your body starts recovering. Studies have proven that an anaemic person has a huge risk of losing their hair. It is one of the most common causes of hair fall. If you increase your intake of iron, anaemia can be prevented to an extent. Hypothyroidism, due to Vitamin B deficiency can also result in anaemia.

Any food which has been taken in excess can cause damage. If you take vitamin A tablets or food which has a lot of vitamin A, it will result in hair loss. Your body requires protein to be healthy. Low intake of protein can also trigger hair loss. Only if you have a healthy body, your hair will grow quickly, thick and healthy. It is quite difficult to change hair fall due to heredity reasons. Certain pills and steroids can also make hair follicles weak and result in losing hair.

If you follow an unhealthy crash diet, you are at the risk of losing your hair. In a diet, you will have to include a lot of vegetables, especially green vegetables and fruits. Through this, you will get the vitamins and minerals which are required for healthy growth of hair. If you do not follow a balanced diet, not only will it affect your hair but also your entire body in the long run. Some reasons for hair fall are unavoidable and uncontrollable but you can many aspects of your hair loss problem if you lead a healthy life.