Breast milk is very important for your baby. By breast feeding your baby, your keeping them healthy as breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in the proper proportion. The breast milk at its early stages contains colostrum which gives the baby an important source of anti bodies which protects them against diseases like cancer and diabetics. It gets easily digested. It is very important for the mother to breast feed the baby as it reduces the risk of chronic diseases in the future. Moms who view websites like being can find out more about the advantages of breast feeding. According to a survey done by, the number of moms breast feeding have decreased as now most moms are under the pretense that if they breastfeed, their breasts would sag.

Did you know while breast feeding, even moms get the benefits? How? Well, read on.

· Breastfeeding helps your uterus return to its original size and decreases post delivery bleeding.

· It helps you to lose weight which you have put up during pregnancy.

· The risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer is reduced

· It may delay in your periods

· It may reduce postpartum depression.

No one can be an expert in breastfeeding. Try following these tips to ensure you breastfeed properly.

1. Breastfeed your baby within the first hour of birth. This will help your uterus to contract and will provide the valuable colostrum which gives the baby antibodies to fight diseases.

2. Seek the help of the nurse or lactation consultant. They will ensure whether the baby is latching on properly. It may be uncomfortable when the baby latches on but it shouldn’t be painful. If you are in pain each time you breastfeed your baby, it means your positioning of the baby is not right.

3. By the third or fourth day after birth, you can be prepared for your milk to come in. You will already know a change has happened as there will be an increase in your breast size. Do not forget to buy well-fitting nursing bras.

4. You need to breast feed your baby about 8-12 times in a day. Most of the time your baby is hungry they would give signals to you. They might put their hands in their mouth or search for your nipple while being in your arms. Or they might just cry.

5. Until breast feeding is well established, try not to introduce a bottle. The baby may get confused with your nipple and the bottle’s nipple.

6. You should always drink lots of water so that your body can make enough milk. After nursing the baby you must drink at least a glass of water.

7. Nursing in a calm environment will help you to relax and lactate.

Breast feeding can bring about many problems for the mothers. Some may experience sore and cracked nipples. You need to check whether the baby is latching on properly. Try putting lanolin over your nipples after breast feeding. Most mothers also experience blocked milk duct. When this happen, just give warm compresses to your breast or lay some cabbage leaves on your breast which will relieve some of the pressure. Try pumping out some milk between the feeding. The more you breast feed, the more milk your body would produce.